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Kutz Top Vote-Getter in Republican Primary,

Advances to November General Election


May 22, 2019

LOWER ALLEN, PA – Candidate for Lower Allen Township Commissioner Thomas Kutz was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's Municipal Primary Election, earning a vote on 73 percent of ballots cast in the Republican Primary. Kutz will advance to the November General Election as the top Republican on the ballot.

"I'm humbled by the outpouring of support from Republican Primary voters, and I'm honored to receive the Republican nomination for Lower Allen Township Commissioner," Kutz said. "It's time to keep pressing on and take our message to every voter in Lower Allen Township. I will work hard through the November election and honor the voices of all those who want to bring new leadership to the Board of Commissioners."

Kutz is a third-generation Lower Allen Township resident and a former staffer for Senator Mike Regan, the House Ways and Means Committee, and Congressman Scott Perry. He is running for Lower Allen Township Commissioner to support public safety programs, fight unnecessary tax increases, and bring transparency to local government.

For more information about Thomas Kutz, visit


PO Box 3093 | Camp Hill, PA 17011-3093

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