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My Mission

While our community was facing a tax increase in 2017, I was working to pass tax reform legislation in Congress. I spent two years as a Congressional staffer working to make our community a more prosperous place. I'm proud of the what we accomplished in Congress by passing the largest tax cut in American history. 

I ran for Lower Allen Township Commissioner because I believe taxes should be a last resort and not a first line of defense. I'll work to pass responsible budgets every year, and I'll make sure the township's priorities are set straight. 

I believe that government functions at its core to provide public safety, infrastructure, and education. Fast-growing developments and an increasing township population place strains on public safety and infrastructure. I'll support our brave first responders, and I'll make sure township infrastructure investments are built for long term safety and success.

I promise to lead on the Board of Commissioners with the same values that outline my career in public service: responsibility, integrity, and civility.

As a third-generation township resident, my family's roots run deep in Lower Allen. I know the issues that affect our community today, and I'm invested in addressing the issues that we will face in the future. 

Together we can build a brighter future for Lower Allen Township.

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