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Kutz Earns First Statewide Endorsement from Pennsylvania Young Republicans


March 24, 2019

LOWER ALLEN, PA – The Pennsylvania Young Republicans, a branch of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, endorsed Thomas Kutz's candidacy for Lower Allen Township Commissioner today. The Pennsylvania Young Republicans (PAYR) consist of the statewide organization and more than thirty local chapters. PAYR Chair Rick Loughery announced Kutz's endorsement in a statement. The PAYR endorsement is Kutz's first statewide endorsement and the only statewide endorsement made in Lower Allen Township this cycle.

"Im honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Young Republicans. Our commonwealth needs leaders who are compelled to stand up and fight for our Republican values, and I'm proud that the Pennsylvania Young Republicans see me as such a leader for the next generation," Kutz said in a statement. 

The Young Republican National Federation named Pennsylvania as the Best Young Republican state organization in the United States in 2018. The PAYRs represent Republicans under the age of 40 in Pennsylvania and made over one million voter contacts on behalf of Republicans in Pennsylvania in 2018. 

Kutz's endorsement in one of only a handful of local endorsements for PAYR, a testament to Kutz's strong candidacy and a reflection of his values. A third-generation Lower Allen Township resident, Thomas Kutz is running for Township Commissioner to improve public safety programs, enact pro-growth policies for small businesses, and make Lower Allen a more prosperous place for working families.


PO Box 3093 | Camp Hill, PA 17011-3093


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