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Kutz Gives Commissioner's Report at Feb. 10 Meeting

Updated: Mar 2, 2020


February 11, 2020

LOWER ALLEN, PA -- Lower Allen Township Commissioner Thomas Kutz provided an update to Lower Allen residents in his Commissioner's Report at the regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners on February 10.

Commissioner Kutz discussed his participation in a newly elected officials conference where he engaged with other officials about best budgetary practices. Kutz also shared his desire to move forward with school safety programs. Kutz thanked a full house at Gorgas Hall for coming to share their thoughts with the Board of Commissioners on a number of issues and emphasized his desire to increase transparency in municipal proceedings.

Thomas Kutz is a third-generation Lower Allen Township resident and former Congressional staffer. Kutz is serving a four-year term through the end of 2023.

For more information about Thomas Kutz, visit


PO Box 3093 | Camp Hill, PA 17011-3093

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