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Kutz hosts Small Business Roundtable with Regan, Delozier

Lower Allen Township Commissioner Thomas Kutz joined Senator Mike Regan and State Representative Sheryl Delozier in hosting small business owners from the community for a roundtable to discuss solutions to issues affecting small businesses. Cumberland County Treasurer Kelly Neiderer also joined the roundtable.

Kutz facilitated a dialogue among business owners about how government could be more helpful in helping businesses grow again after months of state restrictions on operations.

The roundtable concluded Commissioner Kutz's Summer of Small Business Tour where Commissioner Kutz toured businesses across the Lower Allen Township and encouraged residents to support local businesses.

"Small businesses are such a crucial part of our local economy. So many of these places mean so much to us as a community, and it's so important to support these businesses and especially now," Kutz said.

Thomas Kutz serves a Lower Allen Township Commissioner. Kutz was elected in 2019 to a four-year term on the Board of Commissioners.

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