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Kutz Receives Committee Assignments for '20-'21 Session


January 13, 2019​

LOWER ALLEN, PA – Lower Allen Township Board of Commissioners President Dean Villone announced the Commissioners' appointments and committee assignments on Monday, January 13. Commissioner Thomas Kutz was appointed to the following: Cumberland County Municipal Advisory Board, Lower Allen Planning Commission, Lower Allen Pension Committee, and Capital Region Council of Governments (alternate). 

"I'm excited to start working with fellow elected officials across the region to find pragmatic solutions that serve Lower Allen residents well. I'm also looking forward to serving on our Pension Committee and as the Board's representative to the Planning Commission," Kutz said of the appointments.

Kutz is a third-generation Lower Allen Township resident and former Congressional staffer. Kutz began a four-year term on the Board of Commissioners in January 2020. 

For more information about Thomas Kutz, visit


PO Box 3093 | Camp Hill, PA 17011-3093

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