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Kutz Receives Highest NRA & Pro-Life Ratings

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation each rate candidates based on their views concerning Second Amendment rights and the sanctity of human life. Thomas Kutz received the highest rating from both organizations in his Republican candidacy for State Representative in Pennsylvania's 87th Legislative District in Cumberland County.

"I'm proud to stand up to protect the sanctity of human life and receive a PRO-LIFE rating from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. As an NRA member and firearm owner, I'm also proud to receive the highest rating from the NRA and will always stand up against attacks on our Second Amendment rights, which are even more absolute in the Pennsylvania Constitution," Kutz said.

Thomas Kutz is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution, and pro-Law Enforcement. Thomas is the only candidate who passed the thorough vetting process and was judged most qualified by the Cumberland County Republican Committee and was endorsed overwhelmingly for election.

"I'm proud to be endorsed and supported by those we trust," Kutz said. "I'll always fight to protect our Cumberland County values in Harrisburg."

Thomas Kutz is a third-generation Cumberland County resident who has served our community as a Township Commissioner, Congressional staff member, and non-profit leader. Thomas will be first on the ballot in the May 17th Primary Election.

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