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Sheriff Jody Smith Endorses Kutz

Cumberland County Sheriff Jody Smith has endorsed Thomas Kutz for election to the 87th House District.

"I'm honored to receive Sheriff Smith's endorsement," Kutz said. "We are privileged to have Sheriff Smith in our courthouse, and I'm proud to stand with her and our brave men and women in law enforcement. I will always fight to protect our community and our home, and I will always back the blue."

Kutz has been a strong advocate for law enforcement and school safety as a Township Commissioner, initiating conversations about School Resource Officers at Cedar Cliff High School and investing in technology and resources for police to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Thomas Kutz is the only candidate endorsed by law enforcement for the 87th District. Kutz is also the only candidate recommended by Firearm Owners Against Crime.

Thomas Kutz is a third-generation Cumberland County resident who has served our community as a Township Commissioner, congressional staff member, and non-profit leader. Thomas Kutz is the only candidate endorsed by the Cumberland County Republican Party and will appear first on the ballot in the May 17th Primary Election.

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