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Thomas Kutz Announces His Candidacy for State Representative

Thomas Kutz Announces His Candidacy For State Representative

MECHANICSBURG– Today, Lower Allen Township Commissioner and dedicated community leader Thomas Kutz announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 87th State House District.

The newly drawn 87th State House District includes: Part of Cumberland County consisting of the Townships of Lower Allen (PART, Precinct 02), Monroe, Silver Spring, South Middleton (PART, Precincts 01, 02, 06, 07, 08 and 09) and Upper Allen and the Borough of Mount Holly Springs.

“We live in a special place—a place where you can raise a family, build a business, and count on your neighbor,” said Thomas Kutz. “I became a township commissioner to serve our community and preserve that way of life for us and the next generation. Now, I’m running for State Representative to protect our Cumberland county values and deliver principled leadership for our community.”

Kutz continued by saying, “Pennsylvania taxpayers work hard for their money. We need a proven fiscal conservative to protect the taxpayers and stand up for our priorities. As your next State Representative for the 87th District, I will work to pass responsible budgets, rebuild our roads and bridges, invest in our children’s education, and make our communities safer.

Thomas Kutz currently serves as a Lower Allen Township Commissioner where he has been a leader in driving pro-growth and pro-public safety policies. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kutz toured small businesses and hosted a roundtable to discuss the immense challenges facing small business owners as a result of the government shutdowns. Thomas Kutz has also been instrumental in the adoption of balanced budgets and has voted against tax and fee increases.

A strong supporter of public safety, Thomas Kutz has advocated for school safety policies to protect students and teachers. Kutz has also been an advocate for investments in infrastructure, while opposing a commuter tax on the I-83 South Bridge connecting the Cumberland and Dauphin County communities.

Thomas Kutz grew up in the Mechanicsburg area, where three generations of his family have called home. He is a graduate of Cedar Cliff High School and Grove City College.

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